What to expect at your appointment

Allow a full hour for the initial consultation and treatment. For follow up treatments, a 30 minute appointment is usually booked. 

At your first appointment, a detailed case history will be taken. This will assist in making a diagnosis and allow a better understanding of your problem. Your lifestyle and physical stresses (either through work or sport) are useful in helping aid a diagnosis. A review of your current health status is important to help complete the picture and to ensure that no underlying conditions exist that might be aggravated by osteopathic treatment or that may need referral to another health care practitioner.

After your case history has been taken, you will have a structural examination. This is a visual and hands-on evaluation of the body, while standing, sitting and lying down and is therefore best performed with the patient in their underwear to allow a clear view of your structure. You may choose to bring shorts and a sports top, or you can use a gown provided. You may be asked to perform specific movements during your examination in order to assess range of movement in the joints.

After your examination, I will discuss my findings and diagnosis, and treatment will then begin. Soft tissue massage, mobilisations of joints as well as manipulation are common techniques performed during treatment.

Your comfort is important and will be a guide to the treatment. You may request modification of the treatment to suit you and for maximum comfort.

Treatment is a two-way process and communication is key. If there is something that is uncomfortable or worrying about any aspect of the treatment, discuss this immediately with the osteopath.

Your visit will conclude with recommendations of ways to reduce symptoms between treatments and suggestions for activities or exercise or lifestyle choices that will address any underlying imbalances to help further reduce symptoms and prevent future recurrence.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact me before 5pm on the day before your appointment. A late cancellation fee will apply.